About Us

Hi, I am Rajat Patel from Odisha, a married person working as a Software Developer in an IT company. However, before venturing into the IT field, I had a background in digital marketing. In May 2020, I decided to follow my passion for content creation and started Hinditechdaily.com.

Creating content has always been a dream of mine, and this time, I wanted to do it in Hindi. My goal was to reach the people of India and provide them with education, guidance, and insights into the ever-evolving tech industry.

Throughout my journey, I have experienced numerous ups and downs. However, my inner content creator constantly motivates me to pursue what I love, no matter the challenges. As the sole manager of this website, I also take care of my family while striving to provide the latest and most authentic information to my readers.

To ensure that I offer the most valuable content, I stay updated by reading from various sources and implementing ideas from other websites. By leveraging the knowledge gained, I aim to benefit my readers by delivering accurate and timely information.

Hindi Tech Daily primarily focuses on Hindi tech news, product updates, deals, tips and tricks, and guides. My objective is to cater to the Hindi-speaking audience in India and empower them with valuable insights and knowledge about the tech industry.

Beyond my work as a content creator, I have other interests as well. I thoroughly enjoy playing PC games, with titles such as FIFA, GTA5, RDR2, and the Assassin’s Creed series being among my favorites. When it comes to gaming, I find myself drawn to genres like sports, simulation, strategy, action, and racing. Additionally, I appreciate good food, love exploring new places through travel, and cherish spending quality time with my family.

For general inquiries and opportunities, feel free to reach out to me at prajat85@gmail.com. I make it a point to check my email daily and am eager to connect with anyone who wishes to reach out.

Thank you for visiting Hinditechdaily.com, and I hope you find the content on our website informative and valuable. If you have any suggestions, please email me and I will definitely try to work on that.